Companion Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy uses low levels of laser energy to stimulate cells and assist in increasing your pet’s healing time. Ask us today if you believe laser therapy may be beneficial to your pet.


Cocheco Valley Humane Society 2nd Annual Indoor Yard Sale

Cocheco Valley Humane Society

2nd Annual Indoor Yard Sale

March 8th, 2014          

Join CVHS on March 8th at Somersworth Middle School for our 2nd Annual Indoor Yard Sale to benefit the animals at CVHS! Last year’s yard sale raised $3,000 and we’re hoping to raise even more this year. Donations of gently used items can be brought to the shelter any day of the week between 11am and 4pm – no large furniture, appliances, or electronics, please! Please only donate usable items – it is costly for the shelter to dispose of items we cannot sell. 

Pets as Christmas Presents


Sometimes it may seem like a cute idea to give someone a pet as a Christmas present, but it’s important to give that some extra thought before you do it. Most pets that are given up lose their home because their owner loses interest in them or is unprepared for the responsibility of pet ownership. This is a huge problem seen among pet owners who receive their pets as “gifts.” Children especially are given the mistaken idea that pets are all fun and games, but they are not fully ready to take on the responsibility of feeding, walking, cleaning, and training their pet.

Instead of giving pets as presents, we recommend getting acclimated to the idea of bringing a new pet into your home. Bringing your children to volunteer at an animal shelter or babysitting the pet of a friend or family member can help. Children and potential pet owners (no matter their age!) need to be reminded that pets aren’t just cute; they are also hungry, need to exercise, and need to use the bathroom. They can be messy when they aren’t fully trained, and the training process can be difficult too.

Please, don’t adopt until everyone in your family is READY.